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Ultimate Sharps Safety Station™

Ultimate Sharps Safety Station™ Patented and Pat. Pend.The Unique, patented and patent pending Advanced Medical Ultimate Sharps Safety Station™ products provide the ultimate in sterile sharps organization, counting and disposal of contaminated suture needles, blades and hypodermic needles. These products incorporates a number of additional exceptional safety features over our Sharps Safety Station products which significantly reduce the risk of sharps injuries.

SAFETYBlade remover feature with a guard on top to accommodate all type of scalpel for safe and user friendly removal of blades.

MORE SAFETYPermanent and final closure of the box for safe retrieval of contaminated sharps.

MORE SAFETYUser-friendly, one handed operated needle recapper and exchanger.

COST EFFECTIVEAs compared to other individual products and the high cost for sharps injury treatment.

VERSATILEAvailable in medium and large box sizes with magnets and foam block and a scalpel shield/needle recapper/exchanger combination.

Ultimate Sharps Safety Station

Product Part No.Product DescriptionPackaging
AM1925-UAUSUltimate SSS-Mag & Foam Block w/Need. Recap/Exch. comb., Med, Sterile, W/closure1/pkg, 25 pkg/disp, 4 disp/box (100 Ea)
AM1925-UAUS-NSUltimate SSS-Mag & Foam Block w/Need. Recap/Exch. comb., Med., Non-Sterile, W/closure200/box
AM1940-UAUSUltimate SSS-Mag & Foam Block w/Need. Recap/Exch. comb., Lrg, Sterile. W/closure1/pkg, 7 disp/box (100 Ea)
AM1940-UAUS-NSUltimate SSS-Mag & Foam Block w/Need. Recap/Exch. comb., Large, Non-Sterile, W/closure100/box
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