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ScopeMate™Pat.Pend. Is a reusable Ultimate storage device for a standard bronchoscope , designed to enclose and protect the delicate device from costly damage. It mounts on the workstation via either strong magnets or a pole clamp. It serves as a transport enclosure that protects the delicate device during movement between locations as well as a long term storage device. We offer 4 disposable accessories with this system. The system will save facilities by reducing the high repair costs of bronchoscopes and other scopes. it is available in 15″ long for ENT scopes and 30″ long for Bronchoscopes.

Bronchoscopes Protection Devices

Product Part No.Product DescriptionPackaging
AM3710-30ScopeMate™ Flexible Scope storage, handling and protective system for bronchoscopes 600mm  or less (30″ long tube) -Reusable1/Case
AM3710-BAG30ScopeMate™ Disposable bag/plastic sleeve 2″ x 30.5″ +1.5 skirt 1.5 mil bag on roll for 30″ long tube) (Single Use)150/Case
AM3710-BAG45EchoMate™ Disposable bag/plastic sleeve 2″ x 45″ L +1.5 skirt 1.5 mil bag on a roll for (45″long tube) (Single Use)  (Available 1st Quarter 2020)100/Case
AM3710-DBScopeMate™ Accessory Drawstring Bag 9″ x 12″ x 4 mil (Single Use)100/Case
AM3710-ROD30ScopeMate™ Plastic Acrylic Rod – Acrylic for 30″ tube -Reusable1/Ea
AM3710-ROD30AScopeMate™ Anodized Aluminum Rod for 30″ & 45″ tubes -Reusable (Custom Order)1/Tube
AM3710-CUSHScopeMate™ Disposable Clamp Foam Cushion (Single Use)250/Case
AM3710-15ScopeMate™ Scope storage handling and protective system for ENT Scopes (15″long tube) -Reusable1/Case
AM3710-45EchoMate™ Flexable Scope storage handling and protective system for ENT Scopes 45″ long tube) -Reusable    (Available 1st Quarter 2020)1/Case
AM3710-LABELScopeMate™ Disposable Clean/Dirty Dual Label (Single Use)500/Case
AM3710-NLABELScopeMate™ Disposable Clean/Dirty Dual Label, (Single Use), long, for application around the plastic sleeve and scope275/Case
AM3710-TRAYScopeMate™ Accessory Metal Tray, Black -Reusable1/Case
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