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Instrument Counting Organizational Systems

This unique product line feature a variety of reusable ( autoclavable) and disposable instrument counters and organizers for central supply, the instrument room and the OR.

It comes in three versions:

  • Reusable Adjustable Instrument organizer-adjusts from 6″-12″ in length. Replaces rolled towels or other devices that replace rolled towels.
  • Reusable instrument counter and stringer with 15 individual numbered slots for 15 finger ring instruments. Assist in the counting of individual instruments.
  • Reusable instrument Organizer and stringer with capacity for 30 finger ring instruments.
  • Disposable light weight plastic instrument counter/organizer with 16 individual slots for 16 finger ring instruments.

Secure-IT-Y TM – Surgical Instrument Organization Counting and Handling System

Product Part No.Product DescriptionPackaging
14116Adjustable Instrument Organizer, Sterile, Single Use1/pkg, 16 pkg/disp, 4 disp/box (64 Ea)
14201Instrument Counter/Organizer, 16-Slot, Sterile Single Use.1/pkg, 18 pkg/disp, 4 disp/box (72 Ea)
14202Instrument Counter/Organizer, 16-Slot, Sterile Single Use2/pkg, 12 pkg/disp, 4 disp/box (96 Ea)
14301Instrument Counter – w/attached Wire, Non-Sterile, Reusable, Autoclavable12/box – Capacity 15 Inst./Rack
14302-LIn-StringerÔ (L-Shaped) Stringer For Inst. Counter or Organizer Reusable, Autoclavable12/box
14321Instrument Organizer – w/attached Wire, Non-Sterile, Reusable, Autoclavable12/box – Capacity 30 Inst./Rack
14412Adj. Inst. Org. Large, Non-Sterile, Reusable, Autoclavable12/box
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