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AMI line of Tenacula offer many styles, sizes and designs. We offer these instruments in SS and LEEP/LLETZ coated for Electrosurgical procedures. Please consult the part number and product description for the one you desire to order.

Tenacula (Schroeder Tenaculum, Atraumatic Single Tooth Tenaculum)

Product Part No.Product DescriptionDimensionsPackaging
16201-SCTSchroeder Tenaculum w/Bend, Stainless Steel (LEEP Coated)10" (25cm)1/Bag
16201-SSCSchroeder Tenaculum, Stainless Steel (LEEP Coated)10" (25cm)1/Bag
16201-SSCT*Schroeder Tenaculum, Stainless Steel (LEEP Coated tips)10" (25cm)1/Bag
16203-IRHIris Hook w/Bend, Stainless Steel (LEEP Coated)9" (23cm)1/Bag
16203-IRSIris Hook, Stainless Steel (LEEP Coated)9" (23cm)1/Bag
16205-EMTEmmett Tenaculum w/Bend, Stainless Steel (LEEP Coated)9" (23cm)1/Bag
16205-SSCEmmett Tenaculum, Stainless Steel (LEEP Coated)9" (23cm)1/Bag
16207-STLAtraumatic Single Tooth, Stainless Steel (LEEP Coated)10" (25cm)1/Bag
16207-STTAtraumatic Single Tooth Tenaculum w/Bend, Stainless Steel (LEEP Coated)10" (25cm)1/Bag
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