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Miracle Scissors

Advanced Medical Innovations has been solving the medical industry’s pressing product issues for more than 30 years. Whether you’re looking for a solution in the gynecological or general surgery world, AMI has a product that will change the way your hospital operates. One such example of these innovative products is our Miracle Scissors—fool-proof, no-fault surgical scissors ideal for both right-handed and left-handed practitioners. AMI believes in listening to our customers’ needs when it comes to medical products, and these Miracle Scissors are one such instance.

How Our Innovative Surgical Scissors Make a Difference

What makes AMI’s Miracle Scissors different than other surgical scissors? For one, they come in an assortment of options such as Mayo and Metzenbaum styles, as well as straight or curved selections.

They work in whatever hand you hold them in, allowing for easy transfer from one surgeon to another as needed. Plus, all types of these surgical scissors are available with a special cam mechanism that will not fail and splay even on the toughest tissue. That means that no matter how strenuous the surgery or procedure may get, these scissors will continue to work—they truly are Miracle Scissors.

Advanced Medical Innovations’ goal is to make the important work of healthcare professionals across the country and the world as easy as possible. We believe that our products do just that by allowing doctors, surgeons, and nurses to focus on saving lives rather than struggling with their instruments. Contact us today to learn about our risk-free trial period for all of our products or about upgrading your hospital with our innovative products.

Miracle Scissors

Product #Product DescriptionPKG
17510-MSUMayo Straight 6.75" (17 cm)1/Pkg
17511-MCUMayo Curved 6.75" (17 cm)1/Pkg
17518-MSUMetzenbaum Straight 7" (18 cm)1/Pkg
17519-MCUMetzenbaum Curved 7" (18 cm)1/Pkg
17524-MSSUMayo Stille Straight 6.75' (17 cm)1/Pkg
17525-MSCUMayo Stille Curved 6.75' (17 cm)1/Pkg
17531-MSUMetzenbaum Straight 5.75" (14 cm)1/Pkg
17532-MCUMetzenbaum Curved 5.75" (14 cm)1/Pkg
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