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Guarded Safety Needle

Advanced Medical Innovations has been providing innovative solutions to the healthcare industry’s most pressing problems since 1995. Our Patented MedMate™ guarded safety needle is just one of those unique solutions. We believe it is the ultimate solution in the management of medication from A to Z.

The MedMate not only meets OSHA requirements for sharps and safety control but goes above and beyond to enhance those requirements. Ultimately, our guarded safety needle provides an immense reduction of needle stick injury with its advanced design.

Our MedMate™ Guarded Needle

The MedMate™ Guarded (18G) Needle is intended for injection and aspiration of fluid from vials and IV ports. This unique guarded needle also aids in the transfer of biological specimens, including blood, into specimen tubes.

The device features a shield that prevents accidental needle sticks, as is common with a standard hypodermic needle, but with added safety. The shield around the tip of the needle is flexible, and can fit around a variety of medicine vials, test tubes, and IV injection ports. The replacement of the standard needles with the MedMate’s shielded needle ensures that the risk of sharp injury is greatly reduced. The MedMate Guarded Needle is compatible with standard Luer slip and Luer lock syringes.

Interested in testing out the MedMate™ Guarded Needle for your hospital or medical setting? Contact Advanced Medical Innovations today to learn about our two-week risk-free trial period and free test products.


Product Part No.Product DescriptionPackaging
AM5500MedMate – Guarded Needle, Sterile (Available 4th Qtr 2018)1/pkg, 50 pkg/disp, 4 disp/box (200 Ea)
AM5500-NSMedMate – Guarded Needle, Non-Sterile (Available 4th Qtr 2018)500/case
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