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Electrosurgical Handheld Pencils

AMI offers a line of High quality low cost Electrosurgical Hand Held Pencils for comfort, efficiency and safety.

We feature a disposable sterile one as well as a disposable sterile with a holster.

For added economy we offer a reusable pencil (can be used up to 100 times).

All E/S pencils come with 2 buttons for ease of use.

This line also feature an economy disposable sterile abrasive pad.

Electrosurgical Handheld Pencils

Product Part No.Product DescriptionPackaging
15550-R3Electrosurical Hand Pencil - Guaranteed 100 uses (3m Cable) Reusable1/box
15551-R5Electrosurical Hand Pencil - Guaranteed 100 uses (5m Cable) Reusable1/box
15555Electrosurical Hand Pencil, Single Use, Sterile100/box
15555-CANElectrosurical Hand Pencil (2 buttons) with holster, Single Use, Sterile100/box
AM3200Abrasive Tip Cleaner 2" x 2" (5cm x 5cm), Sterile100/box
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