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Innovative Sharps Passing Tray from AMI

Advanced Medical Innovations has worked to create innovative sharps passing trays for the medical industry. We believe effective and safe passing trays for needles, scalpel blades, and other dangerous sharps instruments can help ensure that healthcare professionals stay out of harm’s way. Our patented Neutray™ allows for a “Neutral Zone” for hands-free transfers of most sharps during surgical and other procedures. This state-of-the-art lightweight sharps passing tray is available to hospitals in both the United States and internationally.

How Our Sharp Tray Works

The Neutray™ provides a variety of benefits and improvements on the standard sharp tray, including:

Safety and Economy:

  • All sharp instruments and devices have specific slot or cavity that they can nest in while they are being safely passed, single-handedly, to dramatically reduce sharps injuries.
  • Unique, patented lower-walled pick-up zone in the center and away from the sharp point to protect the practitioner’s hands from sharps injury.
  • High cost involved with sharps injury by practitioners and the high cost of preventive treatments are both eliminated.

Ergonomic, Unique, and Versatile:

  • Symmetrical for a right- or left-handed person with an ergonomic handle on all 4 sides of the tray.
  • Two trays can be interconnected as an option for a single-handed needle exchange.
  • Handles virtually all sharps such as scalpels, blades, needles/needle holders, syringes, sharp instruments (such as Iris scissors), K-wires, trocars, and more.

If you would like to try out the Neutray™ in your hospital, contact AMI today and learn about our two-week risk-free trial period.

Sharps Passing Tray

Product Part No.Product DescriptionPackaging
17511Neutray Sharps Passing Tray, Sterile1/pkg, 6 pkg/disp, 4 disp/box (24 Ea)
17511-ANeutray Sharps Passing Tray with adhesive strip, Sterile1/pkg, 6 pkg/disp, 4 disp/box (24 Ea)
17511-MNeutray Sharps Passing Tray with metal strip, Sterile (Available 2nd Qtr. 2017)1/pkg, 6 pkg/disp, 4 disp/box (24 Ea)
17512Neutray Sharps Passing Tray, 2 Pack, Sterile2/pkg, 6 pkg/disp, 4 disp/box, (48 Ea)
17512-ANeutray Sharps Passing Tray w/adhesive strip, 2 Pack, Sterile2/pkg, 6 pkg/disp, 4 disp/box, (48 Ea)
17512-MNeutray Sharps Passing Tray with metal strip, 2 Pack, Sterile (Available 2nd Qtr.2017)2/pkg, 6 pkg/disp, 4 disp/box, (48 Ea)
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