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4 Bladed Reusable Plastic

AMI unique and Patented 4 way expanders are the Ultimate instruments for all cervical diagnostic and surgical procedures.

It provides superior view with one instrument as compared to the cumbersome and costly standard speculum and the lateral retractor. The built-in side blades are erected on demand to enhance the view of the cervix as needed.

It comes in Stainless Steel, LLETZ coated and Reusable Plastic. It offers no change in technique and utilizes disposable DSE tubing for smoke evacuation. Its state of the art design eliminates the potential pinching of the vaginal walls from the separate lateral retractor.

Reusable Plastic

Note: All 4 – Way expanders come with a tube clip for a disposable plastic tubing. If you desire a permanent reusable tube attached to the top blade, please inquire for a custom made product.

Product Part No.Product DescriptionPackaging
16101-MPL4-Way Expander, Plastic, Medium (Reusable))1/Bag
16110-LPL4-Way Expander, Plastic, Large (Reusable)1/Bag
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