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Specula Options from AMI

Advanced Medical Innovations provides a series of specula options and varieties for the gynecological field. These options arise from our dedication to aid the healthcare industry with innovative solutions to problems medical professionals face every day. Below are two standard options for speculum from AMI:

LEEP/LLETZ/Stainless Steel Specula

AMI Specula are offered in stainless steel and are LEEP/LLETZ-coated for electrosurgical procedures. The stainless steel is of the highest quality while the coating is composed of a high-temperature polymer compatible with all types of sterilization (consult our IFU for specifics). All LEEP/LLETZ specula are offered with a permanent built-in smoke evacuation tube, as well as a tube clip for disposable smoke evacuation tubing. (Consult the product part numbers and description table for the proper specula).

Stainless 2-and 4-Way Specula

AMI’s line of universal stainless-steel specula are based on the Cusco design. 2- and 4-bladed specula are available in the stainless steel and LEEP/LLETZ-coated line as well. This is mainly for the International markets.

Reusable Plastic and LEEP-Coated Expanders

Beside the 2-bladed standard specula that AMI offers, we also provide innovative reusable stainless steel LEEP/LLETZ-coated and reusable plastic expanders.

LEEP/LLETZ Stainless Steel Coated and Reusable Plastic 4-Bladed Specula

AMI’s unique and patented 4-way expanders are the ultimate instruments for all cervical diagnostic and surgical procedures. They provide a superior view with one instrument as compared to the cumbersome and costly standard speculum and lateral retractors. The built-in side blades are erected on demand to enhance the view of the cervix as needed.

These expanders come in Stainless Steel, LLETZ-coated, and Reusable Plastic. They require no change in technique and utilize disposable DSE tubing for smoke evacuation. Their state-of-the-art design eliminates the potential pinching of the vaginal walls from a separate lateral retractor.

To learn more about these speculum and expanders, contact AMI today. We’re happy to provide your hospital with a free 2-week risk-free trial.

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