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Single Channel

Our unique and patented Irrigation Tower product line replaces expensive pump systems to save facilities in the initial high cost of acquiring or replacing the pump system as well as the ongoing high cost of the tubing systems. They are ergonomically designed with the E-Z pull-push lift mechanism to eliminate any potential back injuries that occur with regular IV poles not suited for heavy Irrigation bags. It is ideal for Arthroscopic, Orthopedic, endoscopic, TURP, and similar procedures requiring heavy irrigation. It comes in 1, 2,and 4 individual channels.

Suture Packet Organizer

Product Part No.Product DescriptionPackaging
11103I.V. Pole & Irrigation Tower – Single Channel, Emergency Room, Critical Care, Floor UseHalf/box (2 boxes, 1/Ea)
(818) 707-7180
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