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Suction Yankauer & Tube Holder

AMI Ultimate TubeMate disposable clip device is a simple patented and unique product. It helps in reducing cross contamination between patients.The clip attaches to the side rail of the OR table and enables the practitioner to attach quickly with one hand the suction device- yankauer or catheter into the flexible jaws of the clip for a firm grip. It prevents the falling off the field and onto the floor thus saving money for the facility. It also prevents potential cross contamination between patients when suction devices are placed under the patient pillow or mattress…..

TubeMate/Anesthesia Clip

Product Part No.Product DescriptionPackaging
13101Anest. Suct. Tube/Yankauer Holder, rail type Non-Sterile100/box
13102O.R. Suction/Bovie Adhesive Tube Holder Sterile1/pkg, 30 pkg/disp, 4 disp/box (120 Ea)
13103O.R. Suction/Bovie Adhesive Tube Holder Sterile2/pkg, 25 pkg/disp, 4 disp/box (200 Ea)
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